Do Solar Panels Need Regular Maintenance? - An Expert's Guide

Solar panels are a great way to reduce energy costs and help the environment, but they do require some maintenance. While solar panels don't need to be serviced as often as other home systems, it's important to check them periodically and clean them at least twice a year. Fall and spring are ideal times for maintenance work, as panels may need to be cleaned after winter, as dust and dirt can accumulate. Solar energy companies recommend cleaning solar panels at least twice a year, regardless of weather conditions and where you live.

This will reduce the chances of too much dirt and debris accumulating on the panels. The longer time passes, the more build-up there will be and the more difficult it will be to clean it up. Many solar manufacturers and installation companies, such as SunPower and NRG Clean Power, suggest cleaning photovoltaic modules at least twice a year. Depending on site conditions and climate, you may need to clean the system more often. For instance, dust will accumulate faster on solar panels if there is a large construction project near your home. It's also important to inspect your panels periodically for accumulated dirt or debris, which could impair the performance of the solar panel.

While solar panels can last more than 25 years, you'll need to schedule the inverter replacement after 10 to 12 years, as this component has a shorter lifespan. With that said, it's essential to keep an eye on the status and performance of your home's solar panel system. To ensure that your solar panels are working as they should and that you're getting the most energy output possible, maintenance is key. While their solar system is designed to be rugged, their panels live outside and are exposed to all weather conditions. Dust and other waste materials can accumulate on solar panels and have the same effect as shadows.

However, you should always perform a visual inspection after extreme weather to ensure that your solar panels are still in good working order. Your solar panel warranty may stipulate that your panels are only covered if they are properly maintained. If a junction box or connection between solar panels doesn't work properly, current can't flow and electricity production drops to zero. A warranty is a promise from a solar energy company that it will repair or replace home solar panels if they don't work properly or are defective. To get the most out of your solar panel system, it's important to understand how much maintenance they need. Solar panels only need maintenance two to four times a year, but check your solar company's manual for specific panel maintenance care.

This buyer's guide includes the types of solar panel (PV) systems available and the factors to consider when making a purchase.

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