Maximizing Solar Panel Efficiency in Ireland: A Guide for Homeowners

Solar energy is a great way to reduce electricity bills and your carbon footprint. In Ireland, the average efficiency of solar panels ranges from 14% to 22%, and a square meter of silicon solar panels can generate approximately 150 watts of energy on a clear, sunny day. However, actual electricity generation will be lower than this figure due to weather conditions. On a normal winter day in Ireland, a 20 m2 solar PV home system (~3 kW) can generate between 2 and 3 kWh of electricity per day.

The efficiency of a solar panel and the size and number of solar cells inside the solar panel are elements that directly affect the rated power of the solar panel. For a 4 bedroom house in Ireland with an average consumption, you may need a solar system of about 3-4 kW, approximately 10 to 14 solar panels. 72-cell solar panels are larger due to an additional row of cells, and their power ranges from 350 to 400 watts. A solar panel with this power level will produce an average of 265 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per year in the UK. At Going Solar, our experts can assess your energy needs, recommend the ideal solar panel system and install them quickly and efficiently.

Cleaning your solar panels every few years should be considered to maintain their performance. Once you know the costs and savings, you can determine if buying solar panels will be a good financial decision. Solar thermal panels are only worth considering if you use a lot of hot water and don't have enough roof space for photovoltaic solar panels. Or, you can read about 5 kW solar panel systems specifically and find out if this system size is right for your property. In conclusion, on average, a solar PV system in Ireland can generate approximately 4 kWh of electricity per day. This is enough to meet the basic energy needs of an Irish household.

Solar panels can generate varying amounts of electricity depending on factors such as panel size, location, and weather conditions. With the right system size and installation, you can maximize your energy output from solar panels in Ireland.

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